Hungry Man Productions: Creative assistant & 3rd Assistant director (04|2019-08|2019) | Sao Paulo - Brazil

  • Clients: Netflix, Eno, Mercado Libre and Livelo

  • Worked with the 1st and 2nd Assistant Directors to bring to life all aspects of the set. Participating in all pre-production tests including; wardrobe, developing the PP deck, costume, casting and location scouting

  • In charge of capturing the BTS footage for the Stranger Antenna Stranger Things campaign, used to showcase HM's production & creative process

  • Dissected the creative brief, making research decks for the director with art direction, language, photography and scene references

Fuse tv: senior content producer (04|2018-09|2018) | Manhattan - new york

  • Responsible for creative conception and production across Fuse’s Digital and Social Media platforms

  • Managed a team of designers and copywriters, reporting into the VP of Digital Audience Development

  • Organized full coverage of music festivals, managing and coordinating a team of content producers, photographers and designers

Evil and love: Freelance | art director + photographer (03|2018-04|2018) | Brooklyn - new york

  • Worked alongside the Founder to create a new brand identity on digital through a refreshed art direction

  • Comprehensively built Evil and Love's digital presence from their website user interface to their Social Media strategy

  • Brought in 1,000+ (250% increase) unique visitors a month and decreased their website's bounce rate to 3%

Eataly usa: Freelance | digital marketing specialist (01|2018-03|2018) | Manhattan - new york

  • Conducted paid ads transition from Italy to the U.S

  • Executed and managed paid social across all stores in North America which have a combined potential reach of more than 9 million people

  • Directed content creation based on social strategy to better appeal to target audience and increase performance against KPIs

  • Developed and collaborated the creation of nationwide seasonal campaigns that directly influenced the sales bottom line

  • Managed and allocate a yearly budget of $560,000 through multiple social media channels such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

  • Drove traffic to website creating a spike in sales resulting in more than 60% monthly ($120,000) of e-commerce revenue thanks to ads promoted in social media

HL Group: contract | Social media creative strategist (11|2017-12|2017) | Manhattan - New york

  • Optimized creative across The Four Season's social media channels for engagement and conversion. Accomplishing 9% organic growth during contract

  • Generated all social copy for Four Seasons, NKBA and Q&Q

  • Prepared content calendar to organize posting a month in advance for all channels and website for all clients

The Williamsburg hotel: Social media coordinator (06|2017-11|2017) | Brooklyn - New york

  • Managed the hotel's network of social channels across three brand pages; The Williamsburg Hotel, Brooklyn Bread Lab and Harvey.

  • Generated content for all channels from point of idea conception through to final production of imagery.

  • Leveraged a vast network of influencers to promote the hotel, bakery and restaurant leading to more than +35 million total impressions.

  • Manage to feature the hotel in the Brazilian Harper's Bazaar through influencers.

  • Increased the channel's followers by 38% and increased organic engagement from 2% to 3.5% within 40 days.

  • Shot and edited videos series that amassed +280k impressions and +35k views organically on Instagram.

  • Tailored a custom built audience and used Facebook Ads to run dark post campaigns. Strategically managed the paid budget to push bookings, directly leading to +40 nights of bookings for the week and +$9,000 in revenue (21/1 ROI).

  • Maintained a consistent $.02 PPE and $1.87 CPM on dark post campaigns.

  • Created a yearly calendar addressing channel's expenses, growth projection, Social Media strategy and budget allocation.

Cenimar soares architecture and art: Social media strategist (01|2017-05|2017) - website

  • Created the website, Instagram and Facebook page.

  • Curated the content that was going to be used in the website and social media platforms (Instagram and Facebook).

  • Using the base of clientele she had, conducted a demographic research on cities’ Income per capita, states that invested more in architecture|interior design and used that information to make a target market for her product.

  • Used tools like Facebook and Google ads to promote the website and the page, which led to a transit of 4,500 views in the website, 1,200 likes on her Facebook page and 20% clientele increase in 2017’s first semester, with a budget of $150/month.

Ogilvy & Mather: Strategy | Planning Intern  (05|2016-09|2016) | Sao Paulo - Brazil


Intimus (Unilever) 

  • Conducted a demographic research on the target market, who were the girls that liked the posts, what were their interests, who they liked, etc.

  • Intimus was changing their positioning in Latin America so we conducted a social media influencer research and who would be a better fit for the new campaign. We researched athletes, chefs, news reporters, empowering woman, musicians, etc.

  • Made a secondary research on competition and their positioning, how they interacted with customers and how they ran their ads.

  • Curated a deck with these main points along with other research made by the department. It was evaluated by my boss and passed down to the creatives that used it as the strategic base for the campaign.

Nescau (Nestlé)

  • The main point of this research was to have a better understanding on how companies introduced their products with new formulas, because Nescau was changing theirs.

  • Did a research and curated a deck on how product like Halls, Twix, Coca-Cola in the 80’s and even cleaning products introduced the same product with a new formula.

  • Made a deck, gave it to my boss and he used as a reference on how Nescau could introduce their "new" cocoa powder.


  • Contributed to the writing of the strategic narrative for Ingenuity for Life and how they could help Brazil grow. This was a bit tricky, since Siemens was involved in a corruption scandal in the country, we couldn’t take a political side in it.

  • The campaign came out a few months after I left showing only how Siemens would help with the infrastructure growth.




  • Conducted a sector and market research, mainly evaluating how high end tv selling was doing in Brazil.

  • Researched each of their social media platform and how they were posting their content. For instance: If it was the same approach throughout their platforms, if it was more PR related, how they interacted with frustrated consumers and where their advertising was leaning to (story telling, specs driven, etc).

McDowell's Whisky

  • Conducted desk research on the primary and secondary competition.

  • Curated a deck highlighting how each company behaved in each social media platform, the engagement rate for the past 10 posts and giving insights on who was the target market and social class for each product.

  • Did a consumer analysis with the target market, by interviewing them and making “Consumer Insights” with main questions like: “what do value the most? What type of alcohol do you drink when with friends? What is friendship to you?”.

  • Interviewed a psychologist from a prestigious college asking what friendship meant to the target market (C class) and used this interview to make a demonstration video to support the insight.

  • Came up with the insight that it basically didn’t matter what they drank if they were with friends, which was base for the pitch that had the motto "friendship over everything".

Jive investments: Special Operations intern  (05|2015-09|2015) | sao paulo - Brazil

  • Researched and analyzed movable assets of defaulting clients.

  • Assisted in the research of distressed assets and conducted judicial recovery follow-up.

  • Created a internal manual for the Special Operations department, which detailed the process and execution of projects.

  • Assisted Jive's directors by following-up the asset liquidation of companies that we had shares on and went bankrupt.

  • Curated decks with real estate infos (location, price per square foot and acceptable trades) to present to Jive's partners, in order to know if it was worth to move on with the transaction or not.