A quick glimpse of my portfolio.

[IN]experienced Travelers

The ask: To create a travel blog that is easy and fun to read

My solution: A clean website. Easy to read and full of imagery.


Leaf brooklyn

The ask: A website to build online presence

My solution: Modern photography and website design to align with their Bushwick’s customer base


fuse tv

The ask: A deck with social activations to celebrate 45 years of Hip-Hop

My solution: Over 20 activations ideas with creative examples and execution


drive 495

The ask: What should be done to improve Drive 495’s social presence

My solution: A 30 day plan deck, with analysis and a timeline of future activations


Evil and love tattoo

The ask: A website rebrand with full creative freedom

My solution: Gave the website a new aesthetic through font usage, copywriting, photography and design



The ask: A example of creative and strategic thinking

My solution: A full deck with demographic analysis and creative activations with its executions


The williamsburg hotel

The ask: A few example posts

My solution: A full social media strategy with creative and paid social recommendations


mccarren tennis center

The ask: A proposal to improve their social presence

My solution: A deck with suggested strategy and content creation.


CN arquitetura e arte

The ask: A website with full creative freedom

My solution: An online portfolio for the studio’s projects and art