hip hop 45 // Fuse TV

What I did
Creative ideation // Art direction // production

About the brand
A Hip-Hop based tv channel. Watched by over  71.4 million households in the US (61.4% of households with TVs).

The ask
A social activation for Fuse’s digital touch points to celebrate 45 years of Hip-Hop. 

The solution
12 content series that celebrated the evolution of hip hop. These series included ‘Playlists by Decade’, ‘Hip Hop Art’, ‘Artists Fashion’, etc. 

For this assignment I initially created the strategy and execution concepts for 20+ ideas that would celebrate HH@45. I coordinated my team to conceptualize and design visuals to support the ideas. The ideas ranged from low to high budget production, depending on how much Fuse wanted to invest in the activation. 

The results
The series was activated across Fuse’s social through immediate production. The activation increased Fuse’s organic engagement in 22% within 10 days and 47% in its first month.