fit rollout plan // drive 495

What I did
Social Strategy // Art Direction // Creative

About the brand
A boutique gym in SoHo, known as the ‘celebrity gym in NYC’. Some members are Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, DK Harbor and others.

The ask
A 30-day social media plan for Drive 495 aiming to improve brand awareness, engagement, and conversion through social.

The solution
Starting with a full social audit I analyzed the performance of their past content. From there I made a strategy which focused on shifting the creative to focus on highlighting the gym’s main asset and advocates; the trainers and trainees. 

I outlined how the new creative should be executed and its art direction. Creating moments that showcase the trainer’s expertise through training moments with celebrity clients. Tapping these celebrity clients to act as brand ambassadors through their own social channels. 

The rollout plan was split into 3 phases across the 30 days. 

Phase 1: Social foundation 

Phase 2: Testing through implementation

Phase 3: Learn and optimize